I purchased this guitar along with a Jazzmaster that I am also selling about a month ago. It is the best Squier guitar I have ever owned and plays just as good as the Mexican 72 deluxe I have. I payed $400 for this guitar new and I have played it once live, thats all the use it has seen. Looking to sell to fund another purchase. Thanks for looking
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$50.00 Fender Squier Telecaster build parts Fig 1, 2Fender walnut neck with tuners installed, Neck back plate,Bridge with 6 saddles, Input jack plate,Control plate with 5 position switch and two knobs.Bridgeneck items Fig 3$15.00 Strat lightweight carbon saddles, saddle width is 0.438 to 0.440, will not fit all bridges - measure before purchase.$5.00 Two gold plated roller necks one w3 rollers,...